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Knowledge base
of the Mascarene’s corals

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Monday 31 March 2014
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La Réunion's Council

La Réunion's University
ETIC program - University of La Réunion


Based on the results of the Knowledge base on the corals of the Mascarene archipelago project, this web site presents some data and proposes services (online identification, documentation, etc) about the corals of the South-West of the Indien Ocean, especialy the Rodrigue, Mauritius and La Réunion islands.

The encyclopedic data such as biology, ecology, protection, etc. is available on the left menu. Somehow some services such as news blackboard, online dynamic ID keys, document downloads, galleries, etc. available on the right menu. Soon, a directory will allow you to know who’s working on what on the Mascarene’s reefs.

Please note that this site will stay under construction for the english part until the end of 2010.

Labs and organisations members of this projet :

IREMIA lab - University of La Réunion      LIS lab - UPMC Paris      CBETM lab - EPHE - University of Perpignan      BtBs lab - University of Milano      ECOMAR lab - University of La Réunion      SHOALS - Rodrigues island      Albion Fisheries Research Center - Mauritius island

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