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Knowledge base
of the Mascarene’s corals

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IREMIA lab - University of La Réunion

LIS lab - UPMC Paris

CBETM lab - EPHE - University of Perpignan

BtBs lab - University of Milano

ECOMAR lab - University of La Réunion

SHOALS - Rodrigues island

Albion Fisheries Research Center - Mauritius island


Yannick Geynet is the webmaster of this Web site and he is the coordinator of the step III for "Knowledges base of the Mascarene’s corals" project.

The texts of this web site have been written by Gérard Faure, Florence Trentin, Vianney Denis, Yannick Geynet, David Caron, Michel Pichon, Gwenaëlle Pennober, Lucien Montaggioni, Sonia Ribes and Aurélie Thomassin.

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